Monday, January 10, 2011

Still waiting . . .

Before Christmas I had requested a job transfer - see this post.  Well, no news so far. To give you idea of the crazy I have to deal with, here is an exact quote from my direct supervisor sent to me in an email.
"I am reasonably sure that you will be granted a transfer, but wouldn’t put any stock in it. I just hope things work out well for you."  WTF??!!

So when I come back in January I happened to check the job board and there is the job I want posted for everyone to see. Not that there is anything wrong with posting it - in fact it is the right thing to do! So I called the contact person AND sent her an email. I had to call her the next day to get acknowledgment that my request had been received. The supervisor for that position is in the loop - she knows I want to come over, but she said they are not sure when they will be setting up interviews. Come on people!
This month I will reach my 17th anniversary working for this county. Help me - I must be sick. Really . . . I guess I am more like a junkie - hooked on vacation days and other benefits. Arrgggh. Got a government monkey on my back.

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Kelly said...

I once had a boss like this. She was impossible to talk to, and always talked in circles.

We had an employee once who needed time off, she had 2 different weeks she was willing to take, went and asked which would be better. She came back bawling. Our boss said, buy your plane ticket, and then I'll decide. WTF.

I hope that you get the transfer and soon!