Tuesday, August 26, 2008

40 days

In 40 days I will be recieving an embryo transfer and be pregnant, at least for a little while if not all the way until June 2009. I took a big step today and have given myself permission to take some much needed time away from my crazy job. The work is not hard intellectually, but emotionally it's a killer. I spend my days hearing about and reading about abused children. Worse yet are the impossible unfair situations parents, children and the people trying to help are trying to correct with little or no resources. So it has been a giant mind &%#$! the last two years trying to have our own child, dealing with miscarriages and being constantly exposed to the ugliness of my work. I have cracked many, many times. I have worked full time since 1989 in nursing, almost 15 years for the county. I have taken vacation, but never any time longer than about 2 weeks. So I need to work it out, but I think I will be taking about 6 weeks in September and October. In these next 40 days I have promised myself to be attentive to my needs first. My tasks will include, journaling, listening to my fertility CD, drinking good tea, walking, and feeding myself well, more to come I am sure.

It's official

I am a recognized "artist." I entered my cuddly creation Poulette the Toe Sock Chicken, into the California State Fair Creative Arts competition and she won second place!!! I have been slacking off since I created her. Time to finish the instructions and make kits for sale as well as a few hand made chickens by me to post on Etsy.com. Who knows maybe this is a new career!