Monday, July 14, 2008

where to begin . . .

The blank page is always intimidating. This I remember from art classes. Just make the first mark and go, it can't be wrong. Squeak Carnwrath was one of my first "real" art teachers. She would critique our work by making the noises she saw in our art. "I like how this part goes errrrrck pahh." There was always something to be appreciated in each piece even if the overall art was unintentionally tragic. So wanna bee is about what I want to be at this point in my life and forward. For several years now I have wanted to be a mother, it hasn't worked out so far, but I have more ways to get there. From my youth I wanted to be a comedian like Paul Lind or Charles Nelson Reily or a cruise director like Julie on The Love Boat. Art has always been a hobby - I used to say in college if I had any guts I'd be an artist, so that's why I graduated from nursing school, security.
I'm trying to remember that lesson from Squeak - even though each piece of my life is not a masterpiece there is at least a little bit in each part that I love.