Monday, November 22, 2010

I can haz bebe?

Well she's sleeping in her crib and the cats are very confused. We are happy.


Deidra said...


Sorry. I don't usually do that, but this occasion calls for all caps. :)

Persistently Patient....Stories from my Infertial Journal said...

This is so exciting! You had to wait 9months just like a pregnancy. I am so happy for you.

obladi oblada said...

Hurray!!!!!! Love your blog background

Kelly said...

Just think, really you were just eleven days overdue in your wait...according to the ticker!

My oldest was 11 days late as well!

Can't wait hear more about the little baby girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm here via ICLW and after reading through your previous posts - wow! Well done, great news :D

All the best to you.


RELH said...

Ummmm....we need details!!! Congrats!