Tuesday, July 5, 2011

settling in

Everything is still just ducky around here. I have just been trying to absorb the idea of our Little Man staying forever!! A social worker friend said she hopes birth mom doesn't get "wishy washy," and ya know, that did not bother me one bit. This is a big decision. Little Man is getting harder to care for not easier and I think birth mom sees that. It has not officially been put into the court record yet, but that is the next step.
She is also letting go of her baby items by passing them on to us. Last week we got 5 boxes of assorted stuff, blankets, newborn clothing, formula samples, baby beauty products, baby monitor, carrier, crib sheets, bottles, toys and books. I got teary sorting through the items and seeing the preparations that were being made. A few treasures were found. LMs hospital bracelet and a baby naming book with a hand written note. The note was baby name possibilities and the final name she decided on for our Little Man. It is so wonderful for him and us to have these things.

Little Man is now 6 months old, we go for immunizations today and i will update ya'll later on that. We are also outgrowing our first baby gear items. Off they go into the world of baby recycling! Stay tuned.


KC said...

I got goose bumps when I read about the hand written baby name note. That is really something for "Little Man" to cherish one day. Congrats to you on a step closer to him being all yours. It sounds like birth mom is slowly letting go!

Kelly said...

A wonderful treasure! I was pleasantly surprised when Mea came home at 13 months, that her foster mother had saved her hospital bracelet, and the shirt she wore home from the hospital. These things, and her adoption day outfit are stored in a box with a few other "treasures."

Logical Libby said...

How wonderful that he will have knowledge about his birth and his birth mother. And how wonderful that he has not one but two moms that love him enough to do what's best.