Thursday, November 20, 2008

planning continues . . .

So the end of September was not what i wanted it to be. After a final push of acupuncture and more hormones my lining was just not good enough. The day I found out that I would not get to do a transfer I felt so broken. Dang I can't even grow a lining??? Eggs got fertilized anyway and 14 zygotes sit in a very expensive freezer waiting for the chance to become more. They even sent me a picture of the 14 little blobs. October was to be my transfer month, of course i already had the due date figured out for June. Now we have a sort of plan - I met with the Dr. he wanted to do another hysteroscopy free of charge - whoopie - it still hurts! We did that on friday last week, the best part was the "cocktail" of drugs. Valium, vicodin and toradil injection. Really? Not the fun high I expected at all, in fact not much of anything. It still hurt, cramping enough to make you sweat, but when the cramps stopped we went shopping. Perfect uterus just like before. Next step is to look at my normal unmedicated lining on day 14 and then I don't know. I hope we can set up to do a frozen transfer in December.

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