Sunday, November 23, 2008

and then it all changes . . .

So I made an appointment for friday 11/21, day 13 of my cycle. I was supposed to go in on day 14-16, but I wanted to see Dr. G only and friday would have to be the day. I had a pretty good feeling that my lining would look normal now that all other medication is out of my system. There is was 8mm! I actually said "I told you so! Lupron is not my friend." And he said, so let's do a transfer this month!
I had not even considered this . . . awesome I guess, what about all the shots? I haven't been on anything, uh sure I guess we can. So the real beauty is I have now avoided all of the anxiety of cycle preparation and wondering if my body can be ready for an embryo. Yeah!! The plan goes like this - I had a big fat follicle on cycle day 13, but no LH surge yet, so they gave me a shot of HSG. I got back on the prenatal vitamin bandwagon and am taking daily aspirin. I told the Dr. I want 7 embryos thawed so we are assured of getting one or two day 5 blasts. He wanted to thaw 4, but I told him, we aren't doing this much longer, this might be my last try regardless of the outcome. Tonight I begin my medrol and antibiotic for a transfer next week. Day 3 would be Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but i am shooting for Black Friday. This gives it a whole new meaning . . . I guess I'm not going shopping :o(. At very least I will have more pictures of embryos to post.

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