Thursday, March 14, 2013

feeling silly

I wonder if anyone will read this? It has been more than a year since I posted anything, but that is only because I have been busy living life.
We officially adopted our child March 2012 so this year we got to file taxes with the adoption credit, still waiting for the money.
Our boy is something else, all kinda smart, very active, great fine motor and physically strong.
I have dealt with some wacky daycare crap and the prejudice and assumptions that surround adopted children. Short version of the story is we have left the large daycare setting for the comfort of a home daycare. This woman appreciates what it is to be 2 years old and is strict and loving all rolling into one. My kid says "thank you Mommy, thank you a lot!"
Question I am toying with now, should I blog about the weight loss journey I am about to start? Would I find support in blog land? Would I be adding another layer of pressure on myself?
Not sure, but when I named this blog Wanna Bee, there were many things I wanted to be, not just a mom. Normal weight is one of the things I have NOT been in the past 20 years.
I wanna bee a regular sized woman, I wanna shop in the misses dept. I wanna like how I look in photos. I wanna be happy with me.

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Jamie said...

Sounds like a non stop adventure! I say give it a try, blogging about weight loss. If if helps, keep with it. If it makes you feel under too much pressure, stop :-)