Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept ICLW - love you all for stopping by

I have been a bad poster! Good news it is because I am so happily busy at work that I have no internet time. Oh and I am trying to keep up with our little man when I'm at home.

I was watching him tonight - crawling on his knees now - he has given up the army style. He is just about to figure out pulling himself up. This boy has no fear! I think he'll be up soon. Tonight he would get on all fours and stretch out his legs, so his butt is the highest point on his body. I love the delight on his face when he figures things out.

Craftiness has been aching to come out of me. I love fall for the weather and the holidays and baking and Scrapbook Expo comes to our town!! Unfortunately I haven't done much with my photos since last year except take more to add to the pile.

Hubby has gotten very crafty lately - he has almost completed a deck off of our dining room. We have a french door to the outside and a small side yard. hubby has made the deck out of redwood and enhanced the look with real redwood slab bar and benches!! He is rockin' the power tools ladies - oh yes be very jealous :o) Pictures to come . . .


Chrissie said...

I can relate! I keep printing photos with the high hopes of getting them into scrapbooks but sadly they are just in a pretty pile. And my hubby just finished our fireplace remodel. How did he find time to do that?!

Happy Thursday!

ICLW #23

EBC said...

over from ICLW. I love fall...i feel inspired to bake too! And a scrapbook expo...sounds like so much fun! quite jealous! have fun with your pile of photos!

Kristin said...

Sounds like your little guy is at a wonderful stage and, wow, your husband has really been hitting the DIY stuff. Hope you find the time for your crafty stuff.

ICLW #14

St Elsewhere said...

Your hubby seems to have done a great job!

Many blessings to Little Man, and I am so glad you are enjoying the new job.

iclw #39

~Jess said...

I have boxes of pictures that I had every intention of scrapbooking.....still hasn't happened.

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