Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a difference a day makes

My work situation sucks. Yes I have a job. Yes I feel well paid. However on the best days I get to hear about abused children, their medical conditions, and a frustrating system meant to provide health and safety and some normality. Well then, add a very poor economy on top of the ugliness and there you have a sucky workplace. People have begun to hang signs outside their cubicles that read "The Green Mile." IMDB it if you need to.
Wednesday I have happy to leave work early even if it was for a pap smear. I thought I was doing okay walking into the office and filling out my paperwork.

Then came the questions from the MA -
What form of birth control are you using? 
Dang lady I am 44 can you read my chart?
Are you sexually active?
well what is the definition of active?
Really? You are not using condoms, something?
How many pregnancies have you had?
Four (oh here come the tears)
And how many children?
 none (more tears)

Then I fall into the need to explain my tears and I tell her I miscarried a year ago (again, can't she read a chart!) She tells me about another patient and her 12 week fetus that she miscarried at home and brought in. I wanted to tell her even though she thought that she could tell the 12 weeker was a boy that was unlikely since external sexual development was not differentiated at 12 weeks. Anyhoo she was getting too deep for me by asking why they couldn't tell the sex of my 16 week pregnancy, again she can read the Pathology report from my D&C - dang it!
More crying - MA left me, GYN comes in who knows all the details, more crying and then I'm out. Now is a good time for some shopping and cupcakes.
(side note - cupcakes no longer heal my woes, dammit)

And all of this happens the day before Hubby and I travel 250 miles round trip to put on our best parent to be faces for multiple county social workers. 
The "Family Faire" helps Social Workers for adoptable children get to know the available families in person. They also bring pictures and profiles of their difficult to adopt children. Usually older kids and sets of siblings, and kids with extra difficulties of all sorts. I was not thrilled to be attending, but again it is better than another day at work! Hubby and I were a little late, but we made our rounds at all of the tables and even gave out our home study to a couple of people. Everyone was so positive, all in all I think we made a great impression.
Dare I say it . . . yes - I think we will have a baby in our house by the end of September if not sooner! So today - I gotta go finish painting the trim in the nursery - yay!


Gabby said...

ohmigosh - really, baby by the end of september!!! i'm so excited for you!!! what a wonderful thing to know!! i am so sad about the trip to the GYN.. i relly cannot understand why these people cannot just READ..

i cannot wait to hear the minute by minute updates when one of these workers that you gave your home study to calls you!!

So exciting!!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

I am visiting from stirrup queens, I am interested in finding blogs about adoption as I just m/c and have decided that is our next step. I am sorry to hear about your visit to the ob-gyn, it's like a minefield anymore. I am hoping you have a baby placed with you soon!