Saturday, April 10, 2010

If you build it, will they come?

I know, I don't have a baby right now, but I have a decorated baby's room ! Is that really strange? Many people don't want to "jinx" the whole baby thing by making a nursery too soon. Dude my baby thing was jinxed years ago, so whatever.

To adopt a baby from fostercare you have to have a space ready to go, so why not make it look pretty?

First we have the boy's old room (before the remodel) - freshly painted with Valspar Lazy Days, a lovely soft aqua color.
I then found my inspiration fabric, hoping is wasn't too girly. I wanted bring out the orange, green and brown colors. Who doesn't love ball fringe? I knew it also had to be part of this creation. From this print I was inspired to add a tree and birdies to the wall. A dear friend helped me shop for coordinating prints and another worked with me on the super cute valance.
Then it was time to paint the tree.
and add some leaves. I new what I wanted the birdies to look like and I was fairly confident that my basic sewing skills could get me there. Again I relied on another friend to sketch out patterns for the two birds. Thank goodness she metioned interfacing, these little guys would not have made it into life without that tip. I knew the colors, orange felt for beaks, batting for a little puffiness and black button eyes.
Oh I just love them! I'm sure they are singing up a storm in that tree!  This is one of those rare times that my vision for the project came out just as I hoped. So the picture molding is the only thing left to paint. Maybe I'll tackle that tomorrow. For now I think I will just revel in the cuteness I have created :o).
Okay Universe we are getting very close to ready - where is our baby at?


wovensunshine said...

Your dear friend loves you very much and can't stop smiling--- what a beautiful room, Bee!

Florence said...

This is so cool! And yes, Universe, a baby would be a beautiful addition to this awesome nursery and this wonderful, loving family!!

Pam said...

So cute!!

s said...

what a beautiful room.
too cute.
i love that tree!
the next thing in it will be your adorable baby!

Waiting Lisa said...

You did a great job! Very cute. I love the curtains. The tree and birds are very creative. I wish I could have come up with something like that.

My husband and I are doing domestic infant adoption and we have a complete nursery ready and waiting. We have been waiting 23 months. Nothing more depressing than dusting your baby stuff. BUT, when the time comes, we are ready!

I am now following your blog :)