Sunday, January 3, 2010

well . . . since you asked

So for those not in the know usually when the Stork brings you a baby, you just take what you get. This is not true for the adoption Stork. The adoption Stork asks you what sort of baby you would like, boy, girl, healthy, deformed, eternally dependant, delayed in school, heart defect, behaviors that will end playdates? You can ask for what you'd like - if you are willing to wait and are also willing to possibly not get a baby at all.

The "normal" path to parenthood comes with the illusion of a perfect baby in the end. We all know anything can happen along the way and generally people will say "we'll handle whatever comes our way."
BUT are you willing to sign up for a rough road - on purpose??
It really does give one pause.

If you knew the chemical, physical, or pyschological trauma your baby has been exposed to was bound to cause a deficit of some sort, would you say - bring it on?

It's a strange thing to pick and choose your "poison." Kinda makes you feel like a wimp. What? You afraid of a little Cerebral Palsy or ADHD? Some very successful people have had those diagnoses! Medication can fix all the mental health issues right? Never mind those pesky side effects. Don't tell me you're wussing out now! You wanted a baby - right?

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