Thursday, April 28, 2011

Times they are a changin'

So today was supposed to be the continued hearing once again - I'm taking bets - who thinks it was continued again for some new BS reason? Who thinks we now have a completed Juris & Disposition and now the 6 month clock for services begins??  Truly I do not know. I am not sure I even dare to ask.

Next Monday life changes drastically for all of us. Yep I go back to "work." I tell you I am hooked on the money, but I feel largely useless working in the governmental swamp that is my current job. I continue to look for a better work experience. Lucky me I have a friend on the "inside" at another employer trying to help out.

Little Man goes to daycare next week. I found a very homey home in our neighborhood. I am going to try to get myself out of bed at 5:30 am to get him ready and me off to work by 7:30, wish me luck. Hubby is on pick up duty. Monday he will go to daycare and then be picked up by a Social Worker he has never met to be driven 60 miles each way for a visit with his mother and then be returned to daycare. Tuesdays & Thursdays he gets to just hang at daycare. Wednesday Hubby takes him out of county for the Mommy & Me class then sends him back to daycare for a few hours. Fridays I take him for a morning visit then back to daycare so I can work half a day and hopefully not get fired for excessive time off.

4 month old baby shots happen tommorrow - I'll check in with the stats for ya'll after our appointment.

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