Monday, March 21, 2011

ICLW ~ come on back now, ya'hear

Welcome friends and "I Com. Leave We" peeps. Well today was the big day again.
Annnnnddd, I still know nothing.

Our Little man has lived in our home for over 2 months and NO county social worker has come to see him at our home. Today was going to be a visit with his SW and the SW from our agency AKA New Stork. We were hoping to hear how the very important Jursdiction/Dispostion hearing went that was supposed to happen on 1/27/11 and then got delayed until 3/7/11. I got a call this morning from the county SW and she has to go to court on another case so no visit with her.

I asked a bit about the case. There are only two names of men who may possibly be his bio dad that they can try to track down. No word from either of them. The JD hearing DID NOT happen on 3/7/11 because the mother's attorney asked for more time. It is now set for 3/24/11. I have no idea what that might mean. I also expressed my concern regarding logistics and visitation once I go back to work. Again kind of a moot point to make a real plan until the JD hearing is done.

So we continue to wait, while LM gains weight. Check this out.

LM's hand (the tan hand) at 11 weeks is bigger than the hand of our 5 month old friend! I think he's gonna be a big boy :o)


Kelly said...

So frustrating. Hang in there Bee. It's a long road sometimes when dealing with the state. You have a right to information, so be persistant.

Little Man IS going to be a big boy! Holy cow! Look at the paws on that kid!

M3MU said...

Wow. You've got quite the story and I'm looking forward to reading along. I hope you get the answers you need and deserve.
Little man's hand DOES make it look like he'll be a big boy! How fun!
Thinking happy thoughts for you and your family!

Kate Bentley said...

Over on ICLW and just wanted to say that what you are doing is a wonderful and selfless thing xxxx I hope with all my heart your prayers get answered xxxx

EBC said...

hi from ICLW...seems like the waiting never ends in this community, not matter where you on the journey. sigh. meanwhile, you have a very cute baby hand, with what i suspect is a very cute baby attached, to take care of, which i'm sure is exciting even in the midst of this trying time.