Wednesday, August 18, 2010

checkin' out my profile

This is starting to feel a little like internet dating . . .

New Stork sent an email letting us know our info had been requested for a 2.5 month old baby girl. Very exciting!  Several marshmallows are in the fire, we'll see which one sticks!  Now I want s'mores.

Feeling random, can you tell?  Hey did I ever tell you guys about my state fair cookies? TAH-DAH
spicy mexican mocha chocolate chip cookies!
I entered them in 2 contests at the CA state fair this year. They were judged to be a first place cookie, but did not win the division. In another contest they got an award of merit - yay me!

alrightee - nighty nite bloggy pals


Grace said...

those look amazing! yum!
i hope everything works out with this new little one :)
happy iclw!

Gabby said...

so excited about the possibility of these BABIES!!! i cannot wait until you have a baby join your family. you are a great mom already!

Krystal said...

I hope everything works out soon! Best wishes!!

ICLW # 106:

Lora said...

Yay for marshmallows! Or, uhm, babies! And Cookies! Are you going to share this magical recipe? :)

Happy ICLW!